Divorce Attorney

There is nothing simple or easy about deciding to end a marriage. Whether it is a mutual decision, or one that came about due to mitigating factors, it is an emotional and at times, traumatic event.

How will you divide your assets? If you have kids, what type of custody arrangement will work best for all involved? Was there a prenuptial agreement? Is alimony to be paid? What would be a fair amount?

Certainly there are times when a decision to divorce is mutual, and both sides are willing to work together to reach an agreement. Unfortunately, those cases are all too rare. Is a spouse hiding any assets or income? Is one side refusing to compromise and asking for more than their fair share?

The Harris Firm has been handling divorce cases as well as other family law matters for 25 years. We have two attorneys that are handling these types of cases: Laura Sherry and Austin England. Both are extremely knowledgeable and caring, and will take the time to defend your rights and interests.

If you’re considering a divorce, and you’d like to sit down and discuss your available options, please call the Harris Firm to make an appointment. Let Harris Handle It!

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